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We have taken great pride in our facilities. When the funeral home was purchased in 1978, an extensive renovation of the building was performed bringing the turn-of-the century lady back to her magnificent beauty. The home, formerly the "Hofmann Estate" was converted to a funeral home in 1939.

Our wish is that you consider our funeral home your family home for the time that you need our services. We will provide a vast array of background music (or welcome you to bring your own) and we have decorated the facility to an illicit calm and soothing atmosphere. We adhere to the strictest code of cleanliness and the facility is continually monitored. We would be happy to assist you in any of your needs. We pride ourselves in being able to assist our families and we would be honored to assist you and your family. If you need a ride to the airport, a hotel recommendation or directions to the nearest shopping mall, we can assist you. We understand that your family is going through a very difficult time and we want to make things a bit less stressful for you. We can recommend florists, monument dealers, hotels and restaurants as well as other services or products that you may need—just ask.




Funeral Home, Inc.
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(315) 422-2534

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