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We are here to assist you during these very difficult times.  We are continuing to work with the New York State Funeral Directors Association, the National Funeral Directors Association, the NYS Department of Health and the CDC to follow all guidelines issued by these agencies to keep our employees and families safe.  We are continuing to provide families the highest level of care at the time of death of a loved one.  We must follow the guidelines that are issued by our governmental agencies.  Currently, we are limited to gatherings of Immediate family PLUS 10 people or less due to NYS regulations. Catholic churches are currently allowing 25% capacity in their facilities.  Please contact us directly to discuss what we are allowed to do in regard to funeral services.  



The Forget-me-not flower has always held
 a tradition of REMEMBRANCE in the Christian faith.
  According to German legend,
 the Christ Child was sitting on the Blessed Mothers lap
 and he told her that he wished that future generations
 could see her beautiful eyes.  Jesus touched her eyes
 and waved his hand over the ground and blue forget-me-nots
 appeared allowing everyone to gaze upon the beauty
 of the Virgin Mary’s eyes.
  The Forget-me-not flower was also often worn by ladies
 in the 15th-century to signify faithfulness
 and enduring love.
  We choose this beautiful flower as our trademark to signify



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