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Casket Selection

We have a selection of both wood and metal caskets for you to view on our premises. We have a selection of caskets made in the United States and all of the companies that we deal with are based in the United States. We have a selection of casket books from a number of casket companies that maintain warehouses in the Syracuse area and the entire Upstate New York region. The companies include but are not limited to the Florence Casket Company, Matthews-Aurora Funeral Solutions, Batesville Casket Company and Haven Line Casket Company. 

If you know of a particular casket (or company) that you may want, please give us the manufacturers name and the model name (or number) of the casket and we would be happy to contact the company on your behalf to obtain that particular casket.

We pride ourselves in the ability to provide many different styles, colors and interiors that may suit your taste and price range.  


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